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Connecting to eduroam Wireless with Apple iOS

Share URL:      Article: KB0000151 Published: 2014-02-19 Last modified: 2017-07-29


How do I connect to the eduroam wireless network with my iOS Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod)?


The eduroam (education roaming) network is the secure, world-wide roaming wireless developed for the international research and education community. Once you're connected to eduroam, you can enjoy secure WiFi access at UC Davis, other educational institutions, and hotspots worldwide. No matter where you roam, your UC Davis security credentials are always checked back home at UC Davis. At eduroam hotspots around the world, no one but you knows your credentials so your connection is safe from hackers. For more information, please visit the eduroam service page in the IT Catalog.

The eduroam network uses 802.1x Security Certificates maintained by the Network Operations Center.  For more details, please visit NOC Public Certificates.


Note: IT Express does not currently provide support for iOS; this information is provided as a courtesy to users who wish to use their device on the UC Davis wireless network.


    1. From the iOS settings menu, tap Wi-Fi.
    2. Locate and tap eduroam
    3. Enter the configuration settings below:
      • Username (CORRECT)

      • Password:
        Your Kerberos Passphrase

Additional settings that may be required for your device.

    • Eap method: PEAP
    • Phase 2 authentication: None
    • CA certificate: (unspecified)
    • User certificate: (unspecified)
  1. Tap Join. Certificate Information will be displayed.
  2. Make sure the certificate originates from
  3. Select Trust to connect to the network.

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