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I am a faculty or staff member who is leaving UC Davis. Now what?

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What happens to my Computing Account when I leave or retire from UC Davis?


Campus Email Account

Access to email will depend on what email service you're affiliated with, there are several on campus. To determine what mail service you're on, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. In the right-hand column there is a MailID tool. Enter your MailID (the part before the @ symbol) into the field and click Submit
  3. On the new screen that appears you'll see a line item: Delivery Host
    • If you're on this is the Exchange mail server (either uConnect on-premise or Office 365 cloud)
    • DavisMail users will see a line that reads - Account Migrated to DavisMail: Yes

If you're on DavisMail:

Faculty & Staff currently on the DavisMail system will retain their campus email address and email account indefinitely unless Google ends their contract for DavisMail, your department requests a complete cancellation of your computing account, or the service is discontinued. Once your computing account has closed, you will no longer be able to access DavisMail via myucdavis. The link below has been provided for continued access to your DavisMail account:

If you account is closed by your department you will not have access to DavisMail.

If you're on

Unfortunately, the MailID look up tool does not distinguish between uConnect (on-premise) and Office 365 (cloud). The uConnect service is considered a premium service, paid for by your department and most departments terminate this account immediately upon separation from the university. The Office 365 cloud account closes when your UC Davis computing account begins the closing process, linked to your IMAD permit. This is 30 days after a staff/faculty member has left the university. During this 30 day period, we strongly advise members to set up email forwarding for their UC Davis email account in order to continue receiving email sent to their UC Davis email address.

You will have 30 days to access your inbox and 180 days to setup email forwarding for life on your account. If a forwarding address is not provided within the 180 day window, the email address will be deactivated on the campus systems. At any time your department can request a complete cancellation of your account, if this happens you will not have access to your email nor will you be able to set up email forwarding.

If you wish to forward all new incoming messages from your UC Davis address to another address, you can do so by visiting the following url and selecting Email Forwarding:

Please Note: Your kerberos passphrase will be required to setup email forwarding on your account. If you have forgotten your kerberos passphrase, options for passphrase reset can be found here.

Campus Services

Once your UC Davis computing account has closed, you will no longer be able to access campus-hosted services such as myucdavis, SmartSite, and SISweb. If you have registered any computer MAC Addresses for use on the wired campus network, they will be de-registered during the closure process. Access to UC Davis campus computer labs and the Eduroam wireless network will also be discontinued during the closure process. UCD affiliates with emeritus status will retain access to campus services.

Library Privileges

UC Retirees may retain certain library privileges after account closure. For a comprehensive list library privileges please visit:

How do I extend my account access after closure?

Unfortunately without an active faculty, staff, or student record, all UC Davis Computing Accounts begin an automatic closure process. If you are currently on filing-fee, this can also start the closure process since it is not an active student status. If you need the account for university-related purposes, you can be sponsored with a Temporary Affiliate Form (TAF) by an active faculty or staff member for up to one year. For more information on the TAF process and where to refer your sponsor, please see the following page:


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