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What is DavisMail?

DavisMail is the Google Apps for Education name we use at UC Davis. In other words, it's GMail with our university's branding and logo.

How do I know if I'm on DavisMail?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your MailID into the appropriate field
  3. If your delivery host is then you're on DavisMail

What is the website for DavisMail to access via my web browser?

Go to *Please make sure you are not logged in to any personal Gmail account.

How do I configure my email?

Before you configure your email you must do a few extra steps -> DavisMail Preconfiguration

Please choose the appropriate platform from the list below:

*Assistance for mobile devices are best effort. If your mobile device or email client is not listed we offer 'best effort' support.

How do I get a DavisMail account?

If you are a student, you will get one automatically when you enroll at UC Davis. Faculty or staff will use DavisMail as their email service if their department chooses this option. Department heads may choose to use uConnect Cloud or uConnect Local instead.

How do I log into my DavisMail account as an alumni?

You should be able to access your DavisMail account by going to http::// or directly to the UC Davis Google login at You will no longer be able to log into your DavisMail account through, since alumni lose access to UCD websites such as, SISWEB, smartsite, etc.

I have a DavisMail and a personal Gmail account. Does the 25 GB email storage size apply to both accounts?

The 25 GB of storage applies to your account. Your personal Gmail account is completely separate and storage limits for personal accounts vary.

Can I import contacts into my DavisMail account?

You can import address books from Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo and other services into your DavisMail account. See this article for directions.

How do I report junk email or account abuse?

Use the Report Spam button to tell Google you received junk email or a spoofed message. Use the Report Phishing link to tell Google you received a phishing message. You will see a red warning message at the top of any emails that are suspected of referencing a phishing site.

Note: UC Davis will never ask you to confirm or verify your computing account by providing your password or passphrase via telephone or email. If you receive a request that asks you to reply to an email, or to visit a non-campus affiliated website to confirm or verify your account by providing your password, it is likely a phishing scam. Ignore this type of request even if it seems to come from a “” email address. If you think you disclosed your password or other personal information in response to a phishing scam, contact your department technical coordinator.

Where can I find additional help and information about DavisMail and other Google Apps?

For additional help, please visit or call your department technical coordinator.

How can I organize the emails in my DavisMail inbox?

Gmail, unlike other email services, does not use a folder system to organize emails. Instead, it uses filters and labels. To learn more, then find and click on the “Labels and Filters” entry.

Will there be advertisements on a DavisMail account?

No. UC Davis has an agreement with Google to use the service without ads.

How does DavisMail handle spam and viruses?

When someone sends an email to a DavisMail account, the campus system filters and tags the message for viruses and spam. It then sends the email to Google, which also filters for viruses and spam before delivering the message. Read about Googles' spam filters.

Some of my emails contain confidential material. How will DavisMail maintain email privacy?

When it comes to privacy, it is good to remember that confidential or sensitive information should NEVER be sent through email. Google maintains privacy policies for each of its applications. For a list and access to these policies.

Are there specific risks related to the fact that some of Google's servers (DavisMail) are hosted in other countries?

The privacy and security provisions in the UC agreement with Google state that administration and management of Gmail accounts in the UC Davis domain are under the control of UC Davis email administrators. User authentication is provided by our campus Central Authentication Service (CAS).

What prevents unauthorized access to data stored on Google servers?

Central Authentication Service (CAS) provides an added level of security, because no password information is sent to Google. Note: CAS authentication is provided only when users employ the web interface. If users access DavisMail via an IMAP or POP client, CAS is not used.

After migrating to DavisMail, my IMAP client is showing the wrong date on the migrated messages

Issues with the messages on the mail clients (Apple Mail or Outlook) showing incorrect received or sent dates is caused due to the fact that the accounts on the mail clients were just modified. They just changed the incoming and outgoing mail server and port information, which caused a conflict between the existing data on the account and the new data on the server. For this, we recommended you remove the account from the Mail client and add it again as a new account. This will re-sync the account and the correct information will be synced. To set up the IMAP accounts on the mail clients you can follow these instructions. Please note that it can take several minutes for the account to be synced.

I'm still having difficulty, help!

Please contact IT Express. They can be reached via email - or via telephone - (530) 754-4357. Support is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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