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TAF Sponsorship Process

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How do I setup a Temporary Affiliate Account for a user?


The Temporary Affiliate Account, often times referred to as TAF (Temporary Affiliate Form) allows a department to sponsor an individual with a campus Computing Account. There's several reasons to consider sponsoring an individual for a TAF:

  • The individual will need access to Kerberos protected resources to perform research for the university
  • The individual is not enrolled as a student or employed as a faculty/staff member at the university

A TAF is good for one-year (364 days) and can be renewed an unlimited amount of times. We recommend renewing a TAF before it expires to avoid any interruption in access to the sponsored user's account.


There are five steps to the TAF process:

  1. The sponsor (or their proxy) begins the process

    Any UC Davis employee can sponsor an affiliate. Though, historically, the sponsors have been tech leads or departmental MSOs. To initiate the process, visit the TAF website and enter your Kerberos username and passphrase. You will be taken to the TAF landing page. On this page, the sponsor clicks "Create a TAF" and enters the following information:

    • The proposed affiliate's name and email address
    • The TAF expiration date (month, day and year)
    • The sponsoring department
    • The category that best describes the affiliate
    • Any additional comments for the affiliate

    When this page is completed and the terms and conditions have been accepted, the proposed affiliate will receive an email (at the email address entered by the sponsor) inviting them to complete their portion of the online form.

  2. The proposed affiliate verifies their information

    The affiliate verifies the information submitted by the sponsor and enters their identification and contact information (they have the ability to change their email address if another email is preferred). Before the proposed affiliate agrees to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page, they can enter comments to be routed back to the sponsor before the sponsor verifies the proposed affiliate's information.

  3. The sponsor verifies the proposed affiliate's information

    The sponsor will receive an email containing comments (if any) and a link to Step 3 in the process. This step is to verify that the proposed affiliate has completed their information correctly. The sponsor will click the "continue" button at the bottom of the page and the form will be forwarded to the page where an approver is selected.

  4. The sponsor selects an approver

    There are two ways to select an approver. The simplest is to select from a pre-populated pull down menu of authorized approvers. If the appropriate person is not listed in the approver list, the sponsor is prompted to designate an approver which is vetted by ITX and either added to the approver pull down menu or denied. Once an approver is selected and comments (if any) are entered for the approver, an email is sent to the approver with a link routing them to the final approval page.

  5. The approver approves/denies the proposed affiliate

    If the proposed affiliate is approved, they will receive an email containing pertinent information and a link to the Computing Account webpage where they can create their account. If they are denied, the sponsor is notified.


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