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Publishing related errors with CoreFTP

Share URL:      Article: KB0000254 Published: 2014-05-14 Last modified: 2017-07-29


What are some CoreFTP-related publishing errors?


Things are going along great, your pages are looking great, you're ready to publish and hit the button and then... Errors. Maybe some of your assets made it through, maybe some of the others didn't. What on earth happened?

  1. Find out who is responsible for maintaining your server host where your site is published.
  2. Ask this person if the server is running an application called Core FTP.
  3. If the answer is no, then email us at because something else is wrong than what this article seeks to resolve.
  4. If the answer is yes, then the the application likely needs to have its default maximum number of concurrent SFTP connections adjusted.
  5. Assuming that all sites are publishing to the same Web server, the number of connections to the Web server can be calculated by:
    Max Connections = 6 + ((*Number of Sites - 1) x 2)

    The *Number of Sites number comes from the number of Web CMS sites hosted and number of publish destinations on the same server (so publishing to a prod and dev site is the asme as having two sites).

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