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Un-publishing Web CMS content

Share URL:      Article: KB0000264 Published: 2014-05-14 Last modified: 2017-07-29


How do I delete, move, or rename my Web CMS content?


Moving, deleting, or renaming files incorrectly can result in broken links and "404 - page not found" errors for your visitors, or images not appearing on pages.




To avoid broken links, we recommend the following best practices while using Un-Publish:

  • Deleting pages - When deleting pages that are live on the web, click the Publish tab, select the un-publish mode, and click Submit to remove the page from your server. After the page has been un-published, it's safe to delete it from the CMS.
  • Renaming pages -  If already published pages need to be renamed, it's best to un-publish the page following the steps above, then click the Move/Rename tab and provide a new file name, then click Submit. Republish the page when you're ready.
  • Moving pages - Moving pages can affect more than just the page in question. Before moving the page, un-publish it from the web server, select Move/Rename, and indicate the new parent folder. Click Submit to save. If your page is relocated to a new subfolder, then the original folder where the page lived AND the new folder where it lives now need to be republished. This is because the navigation for both subfolders is affected and all the other pages that share those folder locations need to also be updated. If your page is relocated to the root of the site under /Base folder, then the entire site needs to be republished, again so the navigation for all pages reflects the change. 
  • Update your settings – From the upper right corner of the CMS screen, click My Settings. By checking Un-publish on delete {checkbox} Un-publish checked by default on entity delete screen, the process of deleting an item in the CMS will automatically seek to un-publish the item so you don't have to remember to do so on your own. This option only applies when deleting assets.

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