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What does UC Davis offer for cloud storage?

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What are my cloud storage options and how much storage space do I have?


UC Davis offers several options to Faculty, Staff, and Students for their cloud storage solution. All members of UC Davis receive campus provided at no cost storage space from, and Google Drive. Employees on Office 365 also receive an additional amount of cloud storage with the included Microsoft OneDrive service. All three services offer workstation synchronization, mobile access, and support for uploading most file types.

For larger storage needs, departments may also look into Amazon Web Services for expanded cloud computing and storage.


UC Davis offers the following storage solutions to UC Davis members:

All UC Davis members are provided with unlimited storage with the collaboration tools. This resource is excellent for projects that require a degree of redundancy, access to multiple people associated within or outside the UC system, and great ease of use. The service offers version control, file recovery, update notifications, and fine tune controlling for file access. Departments may request departmental accounts for storing institutional/business data. These requests should be directed to Support Links

Google Drive

Google now provides students, staff, and faculty with unlimited no cost shared storage space among the Google Drive, DavisMail, and Google+ Photos services. Google Drive is an excellent collaboration tool for working on documents and spreadsheets. This service allows for real time editing amongst multiple people, and the robust level of access by Google.

Google Drive Support Links

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft Office 365 customers at UC Davis currently have access to one terabyte (1 TB) of cloud storage at no additional cost. Microsoft OneDrive offers online browser editing within Microsoft Office documents in real time, automatic version control, compliance with industry standards security, and offline editing automatic synchronization. Plus, it offers the largest amount of storage space without added costs.

Microsoft OneDrive Support Links

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a set of robust tools for cloud computing, networking, storage, web hosting, and much more. UC Davis employees may request this service through the IT Catalog to meet their storage needs for a variable price. AWS may even be integrated into your department’s existing infrastructure multiple ways depending on your storage needs. The following is a brief list of storage services by Amazon:

  • Amazon S3 is a scalable storage solution in the cloud that allows access to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the internet.
  • Amazon Glacier is a low-cost archive storage solution for information that is not needed often but demands saving. This is ideal for data archiving and backups.
  • Amazon EBS is EC2 Block Storage Volumes for moving data between Amazon virtual servers. While it may not be ideal for personal/business storage, it’s perfect for cloud computing environments.
  • AWS Storage Gateway is a storage service that integrates on-premises IT environments with Cloud storage seamlessly.

Amazon Web Services Support Links

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