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I want to come to UC Davis, what are the next steps?

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I want to come to UC Davis, what are the next steps?


I filled out my SIR and paid my $100 deposit, so now what?

Here is the timeline for 2015 -

Once you submit your SIR and deposit you’ll be guided through the process for creating your UC Davis email account and this will grant you access to My UC Davis (

It’s critical that you adhere to the dates listed for any deadlines. It’s also important that you don’t wait till the last minute for any of these deadlines. Some of these fall on days outside of normal business days of operation and staff will be unable to assist you if you encounter a problem.

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I’m having a hard time creating an email address

Your email address has three requirements:

  • A 2-3 character preface
  • 3 sequential letters of your last name
  • Cannot contain numbers, periods/underscores/hyphens or spaces

Creating an email address can be difficult if you have a common last name. For some applicants, it may take several creative tries to find the right combination. If you’re really stuck, tried everything and it’s still not working, try the letters X, Y & Z.

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How do I register for housing?

All the information you need to know about campus housing is available here -

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When is the deadline to accept my offer of enrollment?

Here is the timeline for 2014 -

Historically that day and the night before is an extremely high volume window for everyone involved with this process. Please don’t wait till the last minute.

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I'm a transfer student; is anything different for me?

Some deadlines and other aspects of the admissions process may be slightly different for transfer applicants. Please see for transfer-specific information.

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