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Remove pages from the web already deleted in Cascade

Share URL:      Article: KB0000565 Published: 2015-06-11 Last modified: 2017-07-29


You’ve deleted an asset (pages, images, files, folders) inside of Cascade and then realize it didn’t get unpublished from your web site(s). How do you get it off the server(s)?


Solution 1 – Recycle Bin

Did you delete the content within the last fourteen days? If so, restore it from your Recycle Bin (via the home Dashboard tab) and then, when the content has been restored to its original location, unpublish it from the web.

Solution 2 – Recreate and Remove

Resolving the issue means recreating the folder/asset structure in Cascade exactly as it looks online.

For example, if your have a URL of where the PDF still exists. The PDF is the only part that needs to resolved as the folder structure up to the /docs folder is still needed. To fix it:

  1. Inside Cascade, navigate to the corresponding location as the URL depicts. In this example, you would navigate to Base Folder/events/docs.
  2. Click on New > Files, Folders and Links > File.
  3. Give it the exact same System Name as the asset online, in this example ‘event-flyer.pdf’.
  4. Click Submit to save. No content needs to be added to make this work.
  5. Once the file exists again in Cascade, click on the asset and select the Publish tab.
  6. Select the locations from which the asset should be removed and then check the Unpublish radio button.
  7. Click Submit to process the request. This will remove the file from the web.
  8. Delete the asset.

This process works the same with folders, pages and files. Recreate the structure and leave it content-free; the content isn’t relevant in this case.


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