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How can I create a resource folder to share/receive content with my class using

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How can I create a resource folder to share/receive content with my class in


To login to your account

  1. Go to
  2. At the splash screen, click the Continue button

  1. Enter your Kerberos credentials on the CAS portal - LoginID & Passphrase

To create a new resource folder

  1. Click + New

  1. Choose Folder in the drop-down list

  1. Give a name that is appropriate to the class - such as HDE103

  1. Click OK.
  2. Click the folder in your folder list

How do I invite collaborators?

  1. Click the Invite People button under Collaborators in the right-hand column

  1. In the Invite field begin to type your class (Example: HDE103) and it will attempt to auto-fill the remaining information such as the section and quarter. So it might resolve to (Example: HDE103-A01-S16)

  1. Choose the appropriate permission for the class from the list of choices, explanations are available below:

What permissions should I choose?

  • Choose Viewer if you want individuals to be able to see all content within the folder but not edit.
  • Choose Uploader if you want individuals to be able to upload content to the folder but not see it's content.
  • Choose Editor if you want individuals to have full access to the folder (including the ability to edit/delete content).

Are my students automatically notified?

While a notification is sent out to the group, Box does not immediately send out the notification and experience has shown those notification messages are often filtered into Junk and Clutter folders of the recipients' email accounts. We suggest contacting your students via email and inform them of the folder name and that the folder can be accessed via

  1. Click the ellipsee icon to the right of the folder (...)
  2. Click Sharing
  3. Click Share Link
  4. On the screen that appears, copy and paste the link and include that in your email to students

Are my TAs added?

No, you will need to manually add them by repeating the process of inviting people. You can add multiple TAs, just enter their name in each line of the Invite field. Make sure to grant them Editor permissions if you would like them to be able to work with the files contained within the folder.

I have multiple sections, how do I add them?

The Invite People function will do one section at a time, you will need to repeat the process for each section.

As I begin to type the class in the Invite field the class is not appearing

Only Instructor of Records (IORs) or other individuals affiliated with the class from the Banner registration feed can perform this action for the particular class/section.


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