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Opportunities for Learning Canvas

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Instructor-Led Online Webinars


Detailed Subscription Training Overview from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.


What webinar sessions are currently available from Instructure/Canvas?

A complete list of current webinars with descriptions are available from the Canvas Community website -

Is there a recommended flow or path for beginning the learning process and gradually adding more knowledge?

At the bottom of the Training Offerings page, there are recommended courses for different roles and for different course types.  For instance, if you are an instructor of a typical face-to-face course, then your recommendations would look like this:

  • Course Communications
  • Leveraging Modules
  • Assignments
  • Gradebook and Speedgrader

How do I register for Canvas Training?

A useful video on the process of enrolling for training is available and covers the instructions below.

  1. In a new window or tab, navigate to
  2. Create a new account or Sign-In to your existing account.

Note: You will need to create an account in order to access the schedule of courses and register for participation. Only email addresses ending in will be allowed access to the webinars.


You will soon receive an email from with the confirmation that you have created an account and includes the email you used to register. You can now sign in to the training web portal using your email and password. Navigate again to and once there, click on the  button. On the new page that appears, click the Canvas Training Portal link on the page under the "returning" section.


Once you are logged in, you will see a list of events starting from the current date and time. If you see a session that interested you, just click the black Register Now button. Sometimes it is easier to view the session offerings through a calendar view or by categories. These can be accessed using the items in the framed box on the left.

When you register for a session, you will be sent an email from Instructure Scheduling with additional details and a link that you can click on to join the session.

Further Learning

Beyond the webinars, Instructure offers excellent videos and documents that are an excellent resource for learning specific topics:

Written Guides for Instructors

Video Guide for Instructors

A complete list of guides

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