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Zoom and ReadyTalk Conferencing

Share URL:      Article: KB0001295 Published: 2016-10-28 Last modified: 2017-07-29

Recently the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) announced the adoption of Zoom as the system-wide conferencing tool. The move fulfills the UC's current and future communication needs at a substantial cost saving and aligns the UC system on a single tool.

How will my experience using ReadyTalk change when I use Zoom?

As an online communication and collaboration tool, Zoom provides video, web, and audio conferencing (both device-based and phone) capabilities. Additional features include the ability to create instant meetings, record and download conference sessions, schedule Zoom meetings through Office 365 (Outlook), share your screen with others, annotate notes in real-time and send chat messages privately and to the entire online group.

What are the main differences between ReadyTalk and Zoom?

ReadyTalk was primarily used for phone conferencing by individuals. Zoom allows for much more functionality as each license includes web-based audio and video conferencing for up to 50 attendees at once. Which means Zoom can be more widely used by campus faculty and staff for meetings, collaboration with colleagues and online office hours.

In addition, Zoom's break-even point is a single one-hour meeting (or two thirty minute meetings, etc.) per year with more than 9 participants ($9.99/$.017/60 = 9.79 participants) that includes contractual protections such as the University's Terms and Conditions that include, security, indemnification, HIPAA, etc. These protections are no longer in place with ReadyTalk.

Also, there will no longer be a toll-free number for conference call attendees. With ReadyTalk, the license holder paid the toll and toll-free cost for all participants. With Zoom, web-based audio conferencing (using your computer to connect) is supported at no charge over the Internet for all users. Joining by phone is free for the meeting Host but will incur toll charges for those who choose to connect by phone depending upon individual data plans.  The Office of Information Technology encourages all users to connect by computer.

How to order a departmental Zoom account?

  1. A zoom license costs $9.99/user per year and must be associated with a departmental account. A departmental account consists of a minimum of 20 licenses. This is a toll option (unlimited toll min and computer audio). The US toll free option is an additional charge (.025/min).
  2. Follow departmental procedure for ordering software or a product.
  3. Contact the Zoom Account Manager, Michele Fairbank with answers to the questions below. This will expedite your quote request.

Michele Fairbank
(805) 248-7282

Questions to be submitted with license quote request:

  • Account Name? Example: UC Davis - "xxxx" (dept. name)
  • Main Account Contact (manage account, users, etc.)?
  • Billing Contact?
  • Enable US Toll Free at $.025/min. (billed monthly)? Yes or No.
  • Any additional Zoom services needed?
  • Additional Cloud Storage?
  1. Send the information to Zoom Account Manager, Michele. After processing the order, the contact will receive access to set-up the Zoom account.

Zoom Help Center is available 24/7 by either calling (800) 799-9666 or clicking on the "Support" link on top of the main page. The Zoom Help Center, allows user to access Tutorials & Training, Frequently Asked Questions and to Submit a Support Request. Users can also chat directly with a technician while using Zoom by clicking on the "Help" button.

Additional Zoom Licensing Options Available

Zoom License Costs:

Product Description Annual Cost/License
Education (Pro) License Standard Meeting Product, 50 attendees/mtg. $9.99
Cloud Room Connector License Room Connector Port for any H.323/SIP conference room system/end point $249.50
Zoom Room License Software Based Conference Room System $249.50
Webinar 100 License Webinar "Add On" for up to 100 attendees/web $200.00
Webinar 500 License Webinar "Add On" for up to 500 attendees/web $700.00
Large Meeting 100 License Meeting "Add On" for up to 100 attendees/mtg. $200.00


Cloud Storage:

Recording Storage Included recording cloud storage/archiving for each individual master account with Education (Pro) Licenses $0.00


Zoom Toll-Free Audio-Conferencing:

Name Description UOM Cost/Unit
US Toll-Free Audio-Conferencing US Toll-Free Audio-Conferencing (for Zoom meetings and PTSN dial-in calls) Minute/Month $0.025


ReadyTalk Information

ReadyTalk rates have changed as of October 1, 2016. These rates are guaranteed until September 30, 2017.

If you currently have a ReadyTalk Account, no action is required to take advantage of these rates. They will automatically be put into effect for your account.

Service Type Current New
Domestic Toll-free audio conferencing (US, Canada) $0.023 $0.017
Domestic Toll audio conferencing / Call Me $0.023 $0.015
VoIP $0.023 $0.014
Recording $0.023 $0.017
Recording Hosting 0.20/min/month $0.10/min/month
Web conferencing   Waived

If you currently have ReadyTalk and are a frequent user, you can purchase a bundled subscription.

Subscription Features Cost per Month
Web Meeting 10* Includes web, video, VoIP, domestic toll & Call Me audio for up to 10 people per meeting $27.25/month
Web Meeting 25* Includes web, video, VoIP, domestic toll & Call Me audio for up to 25 people per meeting $41.35/month

*unlimited meetings/month

Contact ReadyTalk Account Manager, Kim Morse, for any updates or changes:

Kim Morse
(303) 209-1624

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