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Downloading materials out of SmartSite for students

Share URL:      Article: KB0001984 Published: 2017-05-08 Last modified: 2017-05-08


How do I download materials from SmartSite course sites?


SmartSite does not have a method for simply exporting or downloading all course materials from a course site. Downloading materials in SmartSite is similar to downloading content from other websites where you find your files in Resources or DropBox and click on the filename to initiate the download process. Students can also use a WebDav connection to easily copy files from Resources as if it was a folder on their computer. If content is wanted from tools like discussions, wiki, or chat, then the text will need to be copy and pasted into a document on their computer.


To copy materials out of a SmartSite course site, students can try these methods:

  • Files: Downloading one, a few, or lots of files...
    • For a single file or a few files, log in to and navigate to the course(s) from which you want to download files.  Next, go to the Resources or Drop Box tools and find the file (you may need to look inside one or more folders) you wish to download. Lastly, click on that file.  The file may either download to your local computer, or it may display (in the case of a PDF or image) and you can then download it.
    • For larger numbers of files and folders, you can take advantage of WebDAV, which allows you to mount the Resources folder on SmartSite as if it were a remotely mounted hard drive on your local computer.  Once you are able to "mount" the Resources tool on your desktop, you can drop and drop files to copy them from SmartSite to your local hard drive just as you would if you inserted a USB thumb drive. Please note that WebDAV is an aging standard, and there are sometimes issues on both Mac and Windows. This WebDav tutorial provides details on how to configure a connection to SmartSite. Please note:  In the document, Sakai is the same as SmartSite and any reference to "Onyen" is equivalent to UCD's CAS/Kerberos Login ID and passphrase.
      • Some people have better luck using web-based Anyclient to download content instead of establishing a direct WebDAV connection. Here are instructions on using Anyclient
      • There is an application for Windows and Mac called CyberDuck that has proven useful for some people that were not able to get the built-in WebDAV or Anyclient to work correctly.  Information on downloading and using CyberDuck is available.
    • If you have questions, contact the IT Express Service Desk.
  • For content that resides in tools other than Resources or Drop Box...
    • For materials that reside in the tools such as Discussions, Assignments, Chat, Wiki, etc., you will need to go into each tool and copy (command-C) the text and then paste (command-V) it into a document (Google Doc, MS Word, Box Note, TextEdit, etc.) on your local computer. 

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