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How can I download Microsoft Office to my computer?


NOTE: The activation and continued use of a Microsoft Office subscription requires an active affiliation with UC Davis as faculty, student, or staff. Students will have access to the license while they are active UC Davis students.

The products included are Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams, Access, and Sway. Other Microsoft products, such as Visio are available to staff and faculty through the SHI punchout on AggieBuy.


Windows and Mac

  1. Make sure your Operating System is supported.
  2. Navigate to in your browser and log in with your UC Davis credentials (full UC Davis email address and your Kerberos passphrase).
  3. Click the Install Office button towards the top-right.

  4. Upon completion of the download, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. When prompted for your UC Davis credentials, enter:
    • Username - your full UC Davis email address.
    • Password - your Kerberos Passphrase.

If you are not presented with the Install Office button (from the steps above)

  1. Select your initials/profile in the top-right corner, then select View Account.
  2. Find the Office Apps tile and click Manage.

  3. On the next screen click Install Office

  4. When the file has completed downloaded, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. When prompted for your UC Davis credentials:
    • Username - Enter your full UC Davis email address.
    • Password - Enter your Kerberos Passphrase.

Mobile Devices

Work with files on OneDrive

To work with files on OneDrive, sign in to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for iPad with your UC Davis ID. Your OneDrive account will automatically show in the list of services.

If you are already signed in with a non-UC Davis Microsoft account and would like to work on files located in OneDrive:

  1. Go to the command ribbon File tab and select Open
  2. Select Add a Place then select OneDrive.
  3. Sign in with your full UC Davis email address and Kerberos Passphrase.

Verify your Microsoft 365 Subscription

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 then go to Settings > Microsoft 365 settings.
  2. Go to the Subscriptions tab and look for "the latest desktop version of Office".

Removing a Microsoft account or Microsoft 365 account from an iOS device

  1. On the iPad, click the Settings app icon.
  2. In Settings, scroll down and find one of your Office for iPad apps (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) and click the icon.
  3. Under RESET, tap Reset <app name>
  4. Slide to enable Delete Login Credentials
  5. The next time you launch the app, all of your login credentials should be deleted.