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What happens to my Computing Account when I leave or graduate from UC Davis?


Your computing account closes. Campus sponsored licensing for products discontinues once you leave UC Davis. This includes but is not limited to Microsoft Suite, SIS web, and Google Workspace and Applications.
Please see the listing below for specifics.
To reduce any data loss, please download resources you would like access to after graduation or leave UC Davis to personal non-UC Davis accounts.

If you are using any electronic communications resources, such as an email address, for incidental personal use (e.g. for a login address to a non-UC Davis web page) it is strongly encouraged that you switch to using a personal non-UC Davis email address so you do not lose access to those sites or services.

Please see the following sections for the impact it will have for your department and for your individual access:

The information on this page is subject to change. Please check back for updates.


Your computing account will close.

As you prepare your information for possible data and email log transfers as you leave UC Davis, please keep in mind the following: 

Offboarding Checklist:

Get copies of your academic coursework and grades

Make sure you have what you need for applying to graduate schools and your academic records.

Move your data

You will no longer be able to access campus-hosted services, such as and not limited to myucdavis, Office 365/Microsoft Products including OneDrive, Docusign, UC Davis Canvas, UC Davis Zoom, and SISweb. Please download personal items before you lose access.

Make arrangements for your email and mailing lists

Your individual email account closes. If you are using the UC Davis email address for incidental personal use (e.g. for a login address to a non-UC Davis web page), switch to using a personal non-UC Davis email address so you do not lose access to those sites or services.
Access to Handshake, a UC Davis service to help search and apply for jobs and internships, is affected. To prevent access issues, please change the email address for your account prior to leaving UC Davis. 

Please see this page for updates on this service: 

Update your personal information

Stay in touch! For access to your records and alumni information, 

Can I extend my account access after closure?

Unfortunately, without an active faculty, staff, or student record, all UC Davis Computing Accounts begin an automatic closure process.

What if I return to UC Davis for classes or work and need my email and account access back?

Your account reactivates when Registration of Classes through the Office of the Registrar. is fully completed. Returning as staff, please check with your hiring supervisor and Human Resources for updates with UC Path. 

I forgot my passphrase. 

If you need help resetting your passphrase, please see this page for available options including how to contact IT Express should you need additional assistance with that process:
Change your passphrase