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Welcome to UC Davis2014-04-08
Change your passphrase2014-02-14
UC Davis Applicant FAQ2014-02-25
Applicant Passphrase Reset Assistance2015-03-06
Applicant Account Creation Assistance2015-03-06
Creating your UC Davis Computing Account2014-04-08
What happens after decision day?2015-03-06
IET Account Proxy List2016-11-09
I am a faculty or staff member who is leaving UC Davis. Now what?2014-02-21
I want to come to UC Davis, what are the next steps?2015-03-06
Recommended computer configurations for students2016-04-06
How do I enable DHCP?2014-05-20
Software currently supported by IT Express2014-03-11
Installing and Using CrashPlan ProE2014-10-15
BigFix Exception Process2016-02-11
IET Workstation Standards2016-11-21
Connecting to a Microsoft Remote Desktop2015-08-04
Find your Windows 8 IP and MAC address2014-04-12
What information does BigFix collect and report about my computer?2016-03-04
About Service Hub2014-12-22
How can I download Microsoft Office to my computer2014-09-24
DavisMail First Time Setup2014-02-18
Getting help with Office 365 email2014-04-08 Frequently Asked Questions2014-03-13
DavisMail Help2014-04-08
Setting up a class mailing list in Sympa2014-03-31
Logging into Sympa2014-04-09
Email Forwarding Setup2014-04-28
Outlook performance is slow in the Office 365 environment2014-09-11
Setting up your iPhone with DavisMail2014-02-18
Connecting to eduroam Wireless with Mac OS X2014-02-18
Connecting to eduroam Wireless with Apple iOS2014-02-19
Connecting to wired network with Windows2014-02-19
Connecting to eduroam Wireless with Android OS2014-02-19
Connecting to eduroam Wireless with Windows 102015-10-22
Connecting to a wired network with Mac OS X2014-02-19
Connecting to the eduroam Wireless Network2017-06-02
Connecting to eduroam Wireless with Windows 72014-02-18
COE - How do I connect to the VPN?2015-08-15
UC Davis Available Wireless Networks2015-08-11
Verify CAS certificate in your web browser2015-05-06
Duo Multi-Factor Authentication2016-02-18
Computing Accounts Duo MFA Enrollment2016-09-22
Validating CAS certificate in Chrome2015-05-06
Assistance with CAS2015-03-18
Passphrase Reset for Library VPN2016-07-01
Duo Enrollment Instructions for Banner Users2016-05-24
Using Duo to connect to the Bastion Host2016-02-04
Validating CAS certificate in Safari2015-05-06
Validating CAS certificate in Internet Explorer2015-05-06
Microsoft Campus Licensing Coverage2015-12-18
Installing EndNote2014-04-24
Microsoft KMS Activation Instructions: Office & Windows2015-12-18
What does UC Davis offer for cloud storage?2014-07-09
Activating new systems through KMS2014-06-16
Microsoft Campus Licensing Agreements2015-12-18
Macintosh/Apple Campus Licensing Agreements2015-12-18
ServiceNow Training2016-09-15
How To Sign Up for Amazon Web Services (AWS)2014-04-11
Using SFTP to create publish destinations and transports with Web CMS2014-05-14
Protecting Web CMS content with CAS2014-05-14
Change text and background colors in Web CMS title area2014-05-14
Creating publish destinations and transports: SAN2014-05-14
People index is blank in Web CMS2014-09-04
How to redirect URLs from an old site to a new one2016-04-12
Organizing your Web CMS folders and files2014-05-14
Remove pages from the web already deleted in Cascade2015-06-11
Web CMS roles2014-05-14
WordPress Frequently Asked Questions2014-06-17
About Classrooms, Labs & Printing2014-02-26
Setup Windows 7 to print to an LPR printer2014-06-10
How to Connect to the College of Engineering Virtual Computer Labs2015-03-02
How does one setup Mac OS X to print to an LPR printer?2014-06-10
COE user prompted to enter lpadmin credentials on their Mac2015-01-23
How do I setup and use Handin and rcvhandin? (Computer Science labs)2014-06-10
Removing Nouveau Drivers and installing NVIDIA Drivers2015-07-30
Assistance with Scantron grading2014-11-20
Adding COE-IT-PRINT printers for Mac OS X2015-01-23
Setting Xerox 4600 duplex printing in Windows for COE users2015-01-23
UC Davis Canvas - FAQ2016-01-11
Computer Ownership – FAQ for Students2016-04-02
Opportunities for Learning Canvas2016-06-08
Final grade submission from Canvas2016-07-30
Downloading materials out of SmartSite for students2017-05-08
How can I create a resource folder to share/receive content with my class using
SmartSite FAQ and Support2014-02-18
How do I communicate with my students in UC Davis Canvas?2016-09-01
SmartSite to Canvas Functional Mapping2016-06-22
How to cross-list multiple sections into one course site in UC Davis Canvas2016-07-28
AdminIT: DESII Connect2017-02-08
AdminIT: Provisions Connect2017-02-02
AdminIT: RemoteApp2016-09-30
Directory Listing Attributes (Example)2015-03-25
Zoom Features v.s. Adobe Connect Features2017-04-20
Repro Graphics Print Server Upgrade2017-05-11
About Media & Events2014-02-26
How to Connect to BannerConnect2016-02-25
Login Issues with Banner2014-12-11
BigFix FAQ2016-02-11
How to install and use the Pulse Secure software on Windows 7 to connect to the Banner VPN2016-08-31
Apply for Banner Access2014-12-12
Banner Hard Token FAQ2014-12-11
Recurring Maintenance Schedule2014-03-10
How to Subscribe to Status Notifications2014-02-25
Banner - Quick Reference 2014-12-11
About Servers & Data2014-02-26
Voice Mail Quick Reference2015-10-02
Voice Mail Notification Reference2015-10-02
Voice Initiative - Voice Mail Changes FAQ2015-10-02
Identifying your Departmental ATR (Authorized Telephone Representative)2014-02-18
Telephone User Map2015-10-02
Welcome to Cisco VoIP2017-06-09
About Voice Communications2014-02-26
Alarms and the switch to 7-digit dialing (December 22, 2015)2014-12-12